Donations, new design, & more

4 major improvements to Bank live today:

  1. Aesthetic overhaul. All the controls of the app—buttons, cards, menus, filters, inputs, modals, tables—have new colors & a new look & feel. Additionally, you’ll notice revised interfaces in a bunch of places, from the project settings page to G Suite accounts.


  1. Donations. While a beta has been kicking around in the settings page for awhile, Donations are redesigned & available for everyone. Your project now has a live page where anyone can donate with a credit card, & the funds will go directly into your account. You can add a custom message (using Markdown) to your donate page if you’d like.


  1. A small addition: you can now export your transactions as JSON, in addition to CSV.
  2. New icon. Inspired by macOS Big Sur, the previously-flat icon is now 3D-looking & pretty sweet :)


All of this is live for everyone now. More to come! 👀

Transparent finances (optional feature)


Last week, we launched a new feature in Hack Club Bank: Transparency Mode.

With Transparency Mode, you can open source your finances instantly from your account settings page. Why would you want to do that? Nonprofit donors deserve to know what their contributions are funding—as a hackathon/nonprofit, you can talk about what you’re spending money on, but transparency in every transaction builds trust for supporters. It’s already live in action!

That’s not all. When Hack Club first started, Zach’s hope was to build a different kind of organization: one not only open source with code, but open source with its finances too. Every month, Zach would painstaking put every transaction on GitHub. Unfortunately, as we grew, the tooling took too long & we had to outsource our books to an accounting firm that didn’t know what GitHub was. We’ll be sharing this publicly next week, but Bank users are getting a sneak peek today: Hack Club HQ has been running entirely on Bank for months now, and our finances are public. Dig in, right here:

Let’s set a new standard in financial transparency for nonprofits. If you have any questions or feedback on how to improve Transparency Mode, please let us ( know!

Hack Club Bank and MLH are combining forces.

Today, we’re announcing with Major League Hacking that Hack Club Bank is the new preferred financial platform for all MLH Member Events.

With this announcement, Cal Hacks, the world’s largest college hackathon, is announcing their switch to Hack Club Bank. Spectra is joining them as well.

Click here to read Linus's full post on this announcement.

Upcoming Activity


Bank can now predict the future! 🌀🎉

If you want to know when your invoices are coming in, or how much money is going to be automatically withdrawn from your account, Bank will now tell you.

Check it out by clicking on either "Incoming Deposits" or "Pending Withdrawals" on your Bank dashboard.

Archiving Invoices

2019-07-03 13.17.09.gif

If you've ever wanted to get that old, unpaid invoice off of your invoices page, you now can.

Check it out by clicking "Archive" when you're viewing an invoice. 🚢🎉

Upload a Profile Picture

2019-06-28 11.28.13.gif

You can now upload custom profile pictures on Bank.

Check it out by navigating to the Team page and then selecting the settings icon next to your user. 🎉👌

Change Your URL! (1).gif

Have you been stuck with a lame URL like and have wanted to change it to something like

Well, now you can!

Check it out in the your Bank's settings. ✨ ⚡️

Fiscal Sponsorship Confirmation

2019-05-27 18.42.42.gif We've added a document to all projects that you can give to sponsors confirming that you're fiscally sponsored by Hack Club.

Check it out in your Documents tab! ✨☝️

Markdown Now Supported


Have you ever wanted to attach an image or link to a transaction or invoice? Well, now with the addition of Markdown, you can.

Power up your notes now! 🚀

We're Making Payment Processing Fees Disappear

Starting today, there's no longer a fee for accepting credit cards, bank transfers, or any other payment method.

You've invoiced Balsamiq for $500, they paid via credit card, but you only received $485.20. Where'd that $14.80 go? Welcome to the world of payment processing. (HC Bank uses Stripe)

Payment processing fees are annoying. Calculating them ahead of time is frustrating and the result is always less money for your event, club, or project.

Starting today, Hack Club Bank will make all your payment processing fees disappear.

This means that regardless of whether a sponsor is paying via credit card, ACH, or wire, when you send an invoice for $500, you'll receive $500.

And we're taking it even further.

I'm proud to share we're also reimbursing all previous payment processing fees, from all time, for everyone.

Depending on the size of past invoices, you'll receive somewhere between $4.48 and $390.50 (actual numbers) granted to your HC Bank account this week.

If you want to read more, check out our blog post with the full story.

P.S. We also resigned the invoice page to show you way more details.