Donations, new design, & more

4 major improvements to Bank live today:

  1. Aesthetic overhaul. All the controls of the app—buttons, cards, menus, filters, inputs, modals, tables—have new colors & a new look & feel. Additionally, you’ll notice revised interfaces in a bunch of places, from the project settings page to G Suite accounts.


  1. Donations. While a beta has been kicking around in the settings page for awhile, Donations are redesigned & available for everyone. Your project now has a live page where anyone can donate with a credit card, & the funds will go directly into your account. You can add a custom message (using Markdown) to your donate page if you’d like.


  1. A small addition: you can now export your transactions as JSON, in addition to CSV.
  2. New icon. Inspired by macOS Big Sur, the previously-flat icon is now 3D-looking & pretty sweet :)


All of this is live for everyone now. More to come! 👀