Bank changelog
Bank changelog

Face ID, fingerprints, Yubikeys, oh my!




Few things are as essential to the banking experience as photo IDs. You always gotta wait for the teller to get a real good look at you, and your ID, before making a transaction. (after all, you wouldn't want your near-identical evil twin stealing your hard-earned money)

The Hack Club Bank experience should feel as good or better than a physical IRL bank. Now, you can sign in using just your face (or fingerprint), on supported devices & browsers.


Currently, this includes modern versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Edge (as well as some versions of Firefox), but you can check for support on your current device using this nifty website.

Have a Yubikey? Guess what: Bank supports hardware security keys too!

To get set up, head on down to the brand new Security Keys section of your Bank settings. You'll be enjoying faster sign-ins in no time!