Bank changelog
Bank changelog

Upload your receipts faster




Today we're shipping 3 major improvements to the receipt uploading experience on Hack Club Bank!

  1. Your receipts page is now smarter– just click "Add a receipt" or drag & drop a file to instantly attach your receipt. We've also fixed a bug that caused declined & refunded transactions to show up, even though they don't need receipts. (1).gif

    The transaction details page has drag & drop, too– just drop a file anywhere to upload a receipt to that transaction.

  2. In a busy checkout line? The “upload a receipt” link we email you has been totally redesigned for mobile, with the ability to take photos of your receipt directly from the page. If you’re uploading from a tablet or laptop, drag-and-drop is also supported. receiptsgalore.png

  3. Finally, you don’t even have to open Bank– now you can reply to the “upload a receipt” emails with a photo or PDF of your receipt. This is especially useful if you have limited bandwidth and can't load the site.

What's next– receipt upload via direct brain connection? We'd love to hear your ideas, both for receipts and other features– be sure to leave us your feedback in Slack or via the Bank interface!

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 16.37.28.png

– Caleb and Max